Oporto director speaks to The Athletic

Oporto Sports director Dean Eldredge spoke to Nick Miller of The Athletic, covering the debate over what we actually want or expect from football pundits.

The extract below covers Dean’s contribution to the feature, with Jamie Carragher and Neil Warnock asked for their views too:

“One thing I say (to pundits) is if you get a little bit stuck, if your mind goes blank or you lose your train of thought, just try and relate what you’re talking about back to your own circumstances.”

“So, if you’re a former player or you’ve been a manager: what would you have done in that situation? What should the person in question have done? And don’t just say that — offer solutions. Say what you think is going through that person’s mind, and that will take the viewer or the listener into the action itself.”

To read the feature in full, please click here

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